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A blacksmith worked with metal, heating it and bending it into whatever shaped was required.


A blacksmith was not an uncommon sight in any medieval town. His daily job was usually in making or repairing any metal implements the townspeople could have need of, from the skillet of a neighboring peasant to the shield of the ruling lord. Some of his farm tools would turn into weapons as well, like the bill, military fork, and war scythe. If he was lucky, as well as skilled, he could increase his income by focusing on weapons, at which point he would become an armorer. Otherwise, he was usually in the forge all day, making and repairing anything of iron. For instance, the cook down the road might ask him to repair the handle on his pot, which had been trampled on by a horse. The blacksmith would heat the iron until it was pliable, then straighten the handle and let it cool. Done!

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