Spear Spear Spear
Spear Spear Spear

A spear is an ancient weapon that has divided into many types. In its most basic form, the spear was a length of wood with a sharp point. The tip could be merely pointed wood, or mounted with a head of a different material, such as stone or metal. A typical spear head was leaf or triangle shaped.
Heavier spears were used for thrusting, while lighter spears were used for throwing, usually with the hand, but sometimes with the help of an atlatl.
Spears were constantly popular, even as more advanced and expensive weapons emerged. This was due to the simple nature of the weapon, which allowed just about anyone to make it. No extensive smithing was necessary – just a wooden shaft and a sharp head. Spears were the main weapon of many civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, and Vikings.

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