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Aspis Kite Shield Scutum
"Kite" or "Heater"

Shields are some of the oldest defensive devices ever. They are simple, smart, and easy to make, and we still use them in many modern applications. Helmets, breastplates, and greaves are a few ancient personal defenses, but shields are the oldest.

In the case of shields, it is difficult to determine the very first use. It was probably a day or two after the first use of the club. Caveman One hit Caveman Two, and all of a sudden Caveman Two needed a way to defend himself. Since that time, shields have changed shapes and sizes, but the original concept is still the same.

The vast majority of shields were constructed with the same material: wood. Although there are records of shields made with various types of metals, it is quite understandable that any type of metal might get more than a little heavy. On top of the wood was usually some type of covering, be it cloth, leather, or paper, that could be painted to decorate the shield.

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